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The LEAST Approach to
Classroom Discipline
By  Robert R. Carkhuff


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It is very important to look deeply inside yourself as you continue on the journey of becoming a teacher.  We've put together this survey for first year teachers, student teachers, interns, and future teachers in teacher prep programs to help evaluate where you currently are and where you want to be.  



The LEAST Approach to Classroom Discipline

By  Robert R. Carkhuff

The LEAST approach to classroom discipline is a simple survival strategy for the teacher.  It is a response to teachers’ urgent pleas for quick and easy methods they can use in the face of mounting discipline problems.  Succinctly stated in the words of one teacher, “We must survive before we can grow.”  It involves the “least” methods that should be employed to facilitate and maintain classroom control.  LEAST is an acronym for the following activities of the teacher: 

L - Leave things alone when no problems are likely to ensue
E - End the action indirectly when the behavior is disrupting classroom activities
A - Attend more fully when you need to obtain more information and/or communicate
S - Spell out directions when disruption and/or harm will occur
T - Track student progress when following through to evaluate and reinforce behavior

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The SQ3R reading strategy is used by most teachers in our middle school to help promote reading skills in every class.  We've developed this easy-to-use worksheet you can use, adapt, or change to fit your class and subject.  This is used for reading informational texts, taking notes, and even practicing listening skills.


Finding That First Job: From Entering the Job Market to Succeeding in Interviewing

By Frank Holes, Sr.
Educational Consultant


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Preparing to Enter the Job Maket:
Finding That First Job

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Group Work in Class

By Frank Holes, Jr.
Middle School Teacher

"The business world tells us that they want people who are good at collaboration. Being that our job is to prepare the students for the future, this skill should become part of what we teach in the classroom."

Building Positive Relationships in Your Building

By Frank Holes, Jr.
Middle School Teacher


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