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Yes, we know the job market out there in the education field is rough.  Jobs are becoming hard to find, and even when you do find one, you must set yourself apart in your application and when interviewing.  

In recent newsletters, and in our archives, we've been highlighting the many facets of finding jobs in the education field.  This is important to a great many of our subscribers and viewers.  That's why we now have a great special offer for you.  

We at StarTeaching are proud to recommend to our new teachers a program which can help you to 1) Find those jobs, 2) Prepare yourself for the interviewing process, 3) Provide you invaluable information, and 4) Give you even MORE links to MORE jobs! is a site with access to over 10,000 Public & Private K-12 teaching, administrative, & coaching jobs right now!  

Not quite convinced yet?  Check out this FREE special report and see for yourself why we highly endorse Justin Weinraub, President of  He's knowledgeable, personable, and even answers email questions you might have.  Click the link below for his life-changing report:

Get Noticed, Get the Interview, Get the Job:
The 8-step method for getting a great job in education

There are even FREE REPORTS you can have delivered right to your email box with even more information to help you find that great job!  And there is an awesome GUARANTEE that Justin makes on the website.  You simply cannot beat it.

The job you're looking for is out there.  We can help you find it.  If you're ready to start your educational future RIGHT NOW, be sure to check out the website.   




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