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Technology Corner

Click on the links below to access our Technology tools and articles:


Learning In Hand 
with Tony Vincent

Ian Jukes InfoSavvy

National Tech Standards

Michigan Dept. of Ed

Kathy Schrock's 
Guide for Educators

eSchool News

PedagoNet Learning Material &  Resource Center

BBC  SCHOOL: Learning Resources for Home and School

Mark Benn's School Website

Computer Literacy Worksheets

Two sets of technology terms students need to know, along with a fill-in-the blank worksheet you can print and use in class.  Created by Mark Benn

Terms Worksheet part 1

Terms Worksheet part 2


Past Tech Articles from Mark Benn:

Integrating Technology into the Classroom
Active Learning Leads to Technology Use

Handheld Integration - A Look at the Future in the Present
Are the Students Truly Understanding It?  Are We? (part 1)
Are the Students Truly Understanding It?  Are We? (part 2)
Are the Students Truly Understanding It?  Are We? (part 3)

Enhancing Learning Through Great Websites
Musings of a Technology Integration Project
Web 2.0, The New Culture of Social Community
Are You Hindering Your Students' Cognitive Ability?

Are We Moving Into A Post-Literate Society? (part 1)
Are We Moving Into A Post-Literate Society? (part 2)
Are We Moving Into A Post-Literate Society? (part 3)

Communication Today
Communication is Changing
Computer Literacy Terms (part 1)
Computer Literacy Terms (part 2)

Help!  I Can't Find Anything
iPods Are For Education
21st Century Classrooms

isteNETS Project-What Is It?
The Obvious Isn't Always Obvious
21st Century Learning?  This Is The Answer!

Educational Change -  Are You Ready For It?
Web 2.0 - What Can It Do For You?
Textbooks:  Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?
Grading: What Is Our Motivation?




Building PowerPoint Presentations
By Frank Holes, Jr.

Designing Student Web Pages
By Frank Holes, Jr.

Creating an In-Class Cable TV Network
By Frank Holes, Jr.

Video Streaming: The Latest in Educational Technology
By Frank Holes, Jr.

Technology PowerPoint Presentation:

Integrating Technology into the Classroom - Latest Trends


ePals (online pen pals)

Interactive Math Site

Sheppard Software:
Interactive Math, Science, 
& Social Studies Site

United Streaming (online video) (Free Blog Site)



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Sheppard Software
Shrock's Guide for Educators
Learning in Hand
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